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Here is part six, Finally. 

His Lady stood and stared with shock as the little demons words processed through her mind. She was going to die? But why? And by whom or what? Those questions she pondered and she seemed lost to the rest of the world until a certain voice interrupted her train of thought. 

'' You know the consequence of bedding a human, Claude.'' Spoke Arthur. For a few seconds he had received silence from the Butler, Until he finally spoke. 

'' My business is my own, and my own only. Now if you don't mind I would like you to lea---'' His words were suddenly interrupted. '' What do you mean I'm going to die!? I haven't done anything wrong! By whom or what is going to kill me!? Speak!'' Demanded She. Arthur was taken aback by her sudden outburst as was Claude. But Lady ____ was desperate to know the answer. Even if it was something she never would expect, She was still eager to know of it. 

'' I'm afraid that I can say no more for I am forbidden to do so. I only hope everything goes well after today's incident. However, When the time is close: I shall appear before you once more and speak the answer you so desperately seek. Until then, It is farewell for now.'' Said Arthur as his form suddenly disappeared in to thin air, leaving Lady ____ shocked and traumatized. Without a single word Claude helped his Mistress to her feet then led her back to the manor.  

Lady ___ had tried to forget the incident from that day. With each day that passed she continued to live her life the original way from the beginning. And soon three months had passed and Lady ____ had almost forgotten about that day. Claude seemed to have forgotten as well for he never mentioned Arthur at all. However, One particular morning came along that would turn Lady _____'s life upside down. 

As her maids dressed her, They seemed to have trouble fitting her gown around her breasts. Suddenly one of them lifted a hand and gave her breast a gentle squeeze. 

'' My Lady. Your chest has grown in size. You no longer fit in your favorite gown.'' Stated one of her maids. Lady ____ turned to her side and looked at her reflection. 

'' I don't think I've gained in size. Strange. Maybe it's just a natural process.'' She spoke. '' It's a natural process, indeed.'' Came a very familiar voice from behind. She suddenly shot herself around and spotted Arthur standing before her. Her heart began to race as the memory from that day came flooding back in to her mind. 

'' What do you....mean?'' She spoke with fear. Arthur cleared his throat before he spoke. '' I am afraid that your time is near, but now I shall give you the answer you are looking for.'' He began. '' You're pregnant.'' 

Silence had fallen upon the room. 

'' I'm...I'm..!'' She gasped. '' Yes, you are. You may not want to believe it but there is another life forming within you.'' Said Him. Lady ____ fell to her knee's as tears rolled down her cheeks. She was both happy yet shocked all at once. Happy: Because she was carrying the child of the man she fell for, but Shocked for it was unexpected. 

'' I can tell those are tears of joy. But this is no happy ending.'' Spoke Arthur, his tone, more serious. She lifted up her head with tears still streaming down her face. '' You have mated with a demon. What grows inside of your belly is a half-breed. A child both demon and human. However, this baby will be your misfortune. When the day for the off-spring to be born comes, It's demonic side will use its incredible power to rip through your gut. In the end, you will be nothing but a lifeless corpse.'' Said Arthur. '' This is the consequence of a human breeding with a demon.'' He finished. By now Lady ____ had gathered herself together and stood respectively before the young Demon. 

'' What about Claude. How will this affect him..?'' She spoke with a low voice. '' I'm afraid that Claude will not stay around. Us Demons do not hold parental care for our young. I must take my leave now, but fear not, if you need assistance just say my name I shall help you with what ever needs to be done.'' With that, He had disappeared once more in to thin air. 
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ME DAMN TITS NEEDZ TO STAP GROWIN'!! I'm fackin' 13 and I'm already as big as an 18 year old. Fuck having big bewbs!! IT'S NOT FUN!!!!! BACK PAINZ!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
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What?! NO!! >:(
 I don't want to die giving birth!! Dang it!!

I blame Arthur -.-

Well,...Maybe Claude could turn me into a demon too that way I would survive. Besides, that's not really out there per say.

..How is Claude going to React?! O.o

:iconclaudefaustus:: React to what my lady?

:iconroseemma1:: O.o >.> Nothing!
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